Stocksmetic Packaging



  • Delivery and shipment <a href="">What are the delivery times of the goods?</a> <a href="">In which countries do we ship?</a> <a href="">How can I check the status of my orders and shipments?</a>
  • Orders informations <a href="">Which payment methods do you accept?</a> <a href="">How can I get in touch with Stocksmetic?</a> <a href="">Where do I find the documents regarding the orders (DDT - Invoices)? </a>
  • Bottles, jars and accessories <a href="">How is it possible to get all the information about the products features?</a> <a href="">Is it possible to receive a sample of the articles?</a> <a href="">Which is the minimum and maximum order quantity?</a>
  • Goods's availability <a href="">What is the minimum order quantity?</a> <a href=""> Is the availability of goods shown on the website?</a>
  • Boxes and Screen Printing <a href="">How can I monitor the processing of my order? </a> <a href="">Is it possible to receive pre-production samples? </a> <a href="">Will Stocksmetic check my print file?</a>
  • Essantial Oils for Eau de Parfum <a href="">Can i order samples?</a> <a href="">How much essential oils can i buy on Stocksmetic?</a> <a href="">Are Stocksmetic essential oils natural or synthetic?</a>

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